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Secure Home Electrics

A leading security installation company that provides lighting and CCTV to complement our fencing (see attached logo and script). Here's what he said about us.

I am particularly impressed how the woven steel fencing system provided by Maxwell Roberts prevents unwanted incursions to your property. Intruders often push over traditional fencing or simply cut or push hedging to one side. Whilst providing a barrier as permanent and resistant to intruders as a brick wall, it also allows vegetation to grow around and is pleasing to the eye. Coupled with electronic perimeter detection such as that provided by Pyronix, householders can have security without having to turn their home into Fort Knox. The aesthetics of the product also lends itself to subtle lighting solutions such as that supplied by Raku, making your outdoor spaces as integral as the rest of your home.

- Michael I Dixon MA - Director - Secure Home Electrics Ltd

StumpBusters UK

The market leaders in removing tree stumps and tree services prior to new fence installation.

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